Back to Work…

Wow, we are FINALLY moved in to our new apartment! It’s been quite an adventure! Between that and midterms at school I haven’t really been able to get anything up on Ye Olde NeedleForge Blogge, but I had a few minutes today, so I figured I would share these custom cuties we shipped out right BEFORE the move started.

Xyleanne, for awesome customer Dannie:

And Grimnir, for the excellent Matt:

I had a ton of fun making these guys, and lots of fun talking to Dannie and Matt at Genghis Con. The best part of doing this stuff is hearing the stories of the characters on which these custom plushes are based.

Anyway, now that the move is over and work at the Forge has been reinstated, I’ll try and update you all more regularly! Expect more pictures of our custom PCs and scaaaaary monsters soon!

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Hello world!

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